Trip Shrubb ‎– Leuder van Frohr (3xcass box)

All 3 volumes (across 3 cassettes) enclosed in a wood block printed presentation folder.
Folder designed and printed by Nils Grube resurrecting Lippe house inscriptions (decorative carvings, blessings and markings above the doors of old house in the Lippe region). The cassettes are hand stamped with Risographed inserts featuring found photographs and wood cut font.
Limited to 50 copies

Drawing from Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music Trip Shrubb (Michael Beckett of Kptmichigan, Tuesday Weld, Schneider™, Super Reverb, Beautiful New Born Children) ‘remixes’ each track, remodelling them in hardware. The collection is split into 3 volumes (as was the original) - Trewwer (Sorrow), Danz (Dance) and Leuder (Songs). The titles are drawn from an endangered ‘Low German’ dialect and are poetically approximating Smith’s volumes Ballads, Social Music and Songs.

Michael employed similar ‘set it and forget it’ strategies to his previous self-modulating drones whilst fasting, resulting in a smooth and static insistence in each sonic exercise that is underlied by echoes of movement, rhythm and song.

The hardware employed encompasses analogue, virtual analogue and digital. A primordial soup of electrical fields, striated granulation, micro-circuitry, molecular oscillations and mathematical manipulation; communicating directly with the guitars, zithers, mountain dulcimers, fiddles, jaw harps, banjos, harmonicas and human voices of 1930’s America: itself a reterritorialisation of African and European folk traditions that reach back farther and farther into our collective pasts.

As a German born British National (with several years growing up in England) Beckett has a distinct sensitivity. German folk forms are rarely actively explored within Germany (the English word ‘folk’ is itself derived from the germanic ‘fulka’) owing to the shifting of folk forms, through völkisch Romanticism and ethnic nationalism, into long-standing associations with Nazi propaganda.

Perhaps the best way to reconnect with an endangered Germanic folk practice is with modern audio hardware and 80 year old recordings of American folk music...

The presentation folder, oak carved and printed by Nils Grube, resurrects Lippe house inscriptions (decorative carvings, blessings and markings above the doors of old house in the Lippe region) and the tape inserts use found photographs and risography to echo the sonic territories.