The Marshes by Samuel Wright and Josh Lustig (book)

Hackney Marshes are city and wilderness. They are wild and grubby, empty and teeming with rubbish and stories. 'The Marshes' brings together images by Josh Lustig and text by Samuel Wright, in an unconventional design that lets the photographs and writing interact and interweave throughout. As sprawling and untamed as its subject, this is a book designed to be explored, played with, and re-read.

“Sometimes something would catch fire inside them and they’d run like dogs, in huge looping curves over the brown grass, screaming.”

'The Marshes' is the first publication from Tartaruga Press, available in a strictly limited pressing of 300 numbered copies only.

“On quiet evenings, when the birds pause, and the traffic stops, and the boy next door turns off his Xbox, I can hear it rotting.”

240 x 165mm

52pp main section printed on 120gsm
52pp inset sections printed on 60gsm
Single sheet loose leaf letterpress on 100gsm

Two-colour offset printed
Three-hole-sewn stitching in black

Two-colour screenprinted cover on 240gsm

Limited to 300 numbered copies