Balinese Beast - Untitled (LP self-released)

Released on may 2011. Self-released, 44 minutes of spurts coming from a hacked remote control. Nukie, a TV-addict. Offset Cover, 3 different B&W offset inlets, edition of 287.
Mastered By Rashad Bekker

“There is a fair amount of loud and distorted sounds, stemming from looped chunks of sound, feedback from microphones/saxophones and lo-fi electronics screaming about. But its not just a record of pure noise per se. Balinese Beast use the element of dynamics very well. Chopping up their sound, making them into a vibrant collage of sound, moving back and forth in the dynamic spectrum. Played with the energy of a punk band I’d say, screaming, loud, vicious, but entirely existing in the world of improvisation and noise”. (Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard).