Dead Neanderthals ‎– Jazzhammer/Stormannsgalskap (10inch vinyl)

Dead Neanderthals were already a far out, experimental as fuck kinda band anyway. With their newest record, titled 'Jazzhammer/Stormannsgalskap', they have even further expanded, explored and pretty much raped what a 'Grindcore' band can sound like. It differs from their previous efforts firstly in presentation, with a double sided band photo cover, and secondly in length. It comprises two nine-ish minute songs, completely different from their usual 2 1/2 minute or less freakouts.

The two longer songs really allow for experimental repetition and abstraction. The endless blastbeat of first track 'Jazzhammer' becomes a droning, looming mindfuck that evokes both noisecore harsh and Zorn/Painkiller brass hammering saxophone, only to descend into a rolling, primal drum/noise dirge in the last 40 seconds. When a blastbeat gets hammered into your fuckin head for 9 minutes, at around the 5 minute mark you really lose yourself in it. The track makes for incredible listening, the abstracted blast crushing your sense of time.

Last/second track 'Stormannsgalskap' is Dead Neanderthals at their most experimental and strongest. The sax sounds at times like a shrieking woman, the drumming underpinning at a slow-ish (as in no blastbeats) tempo. It's minimal and layered, but also very harsh sounding. The track almost sounds kind of krautrock in it's repetitive, minimal stomp. The layers of distorted sax sound bigger than they ever have, snaking through the mix and bursting through the contorted beat.

The pairing of these two contortions of the DN sound into one record makes it, to me at least, endlessly listenable and always rewarding. In all honesty I've listened to this album a good 40 times. One half of the album is the band basically taking the blastbeat into another dimension, repeating until implosion. The other half is expansive, allowing breathing room into the density. An early year higlight, get hold of this shit however you can!

(Grind To Death Review)