Concord String Qrt plays Earle Brown, John Cage, Morton Feldman

An accomplished group in the world of chamber music, the Concord String Quartet, active from 1971-1987, gained almost immediate attention from the press as well as a dedicated following, after winning the prestigious Walter W. Naumburg Chamber Music Award in 1972.

Although the quartet was a classical string quartet, these rare 1973 recordings show the group's affinity for the 'New York School' of avant-garde composers, like Earle Brown, John Cage, and Morton Feldman.

Side B is entirely comprised of John Cage's 1950 String Quartet in Four Parts, where each section of the piece corresponds to one of the four seasons as well as a particular force: spring/creation, summer/preservation, autumn/ destruction, and winter/quiescence." Featured works: Earle Brown, String Quartet 2; Morton Feldman,Structures for String Quartet; John Cage, String Quartet in Four Parts.