TAC ‎- Scatter Of Doubt (3inch CDr)

This project is the result of a rather extensive collaboration between Key Ransone (small cruel party) and Tom Cox (tac) that occurred during 1993 through 1994. in the computer the materials were symbolized by discrete bits of information, that could be stripped down, processed, and then reassembled back into a whole.

The system used was limited to working with audio files of a small size, roughly two minutes, and was constrained in the amount of alterations that could be carried out before the system would hang up and necessitate a reboot sequence to free up system resources and available memory.

These early computer experiments were done in 22kHz/8 bit/mono resolution, so a lot of information was lost from the original analog form, but not enough to be unusable, or even undesirable. the length of these tracks were dictated by restrictions of system memory, computational processing ability, and software functionality.

This allowed for a kind of detachment from the compositional process that i had not experienced before. given this method i was able to work with the sounds in an almost tangible manner, dealing with the materials in a cohesive whole - just another step in the evolution of the work. this resolution is quite some distance from the more normal 44kHz/16 bit/stereo digital standard, which is in turn some distance from naturally occurring analog sonic activity.digital : breaks our view of the world into bits analog : our view of the world is made up of continuously varying perceptions

Tom Cox (t.a.c.)

This issue is a companion to GSA-08 SCP "Scalar Redoubt". While each is here presented seperately, the ideas and source materials were originally developed to be a collaborative release

Packaged in oblong cardboard sleeve with attached photographs and artwork. The disc itself is in a handmade gatefold sleeve with paste-on artwork on the outside and attached liner notes inside. This smaller sleeve is sealed in wire mesh.

Edition of 50 copies.