Ashtray Navigations - To Your Fucking Feather'd Wings (CD album)

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- phil : The Rock Album. Ashtray Navigations commiserates ten years of broken equipment action by recording a CD of blasted soaring guitar psych. The drummer and second guitarist fail to turn up to the recording sessions but hey thats OK we'll just turn the amps up instead. You may think there's lots of effects pedals utilised for this one, but no no no it is just the sounds of rusty circuit boards corroded tape and the pain what's in yo' heart. Ashtray Navigations have been recording artistes for siltbreeze, celebrate psi phenomenon, american tapes, betley welcomes careful drivers, menlo park, gameboy, jewelled antler, staalplaat and countless others. Ashtray Navigations will not be stopping at any time soon. Goodnight fuck you. Hope you sleep easy.

- sindre : Absurd and Gold Soundz proudly presents a slab of acid psychout noise from Ashtray Navigations. Phil Todd have been toasting brains for years now with a number of great releases. But nothing cuts right into his acid dreams like this smokebomb of pure psych-wah. Nearly an hour's worth of perfectly fried head AND skull music. Definately one to be had...

- nicolas : been dazled from the hazy 70's like atmos' of the recent groovy 'you cannot tell cigars' cd and while listening maniacally to nearly all of the ash nav releases i of my collection did sindre throw the idea of co-producing 'to your fucking feather'd wings'. how can you resist to a project that is the nr. 1 of your wishlist and to a recording that starts w/ 2 tracks that toy around the mesmerizing ash nav plastic sound that always gets me to dimensions unkown upon listening and turn to a 3rd monstrous one where phil makes a play w/ lo-fi drone backgrounds, broken tape techniques and guitar treatments that evoke a kinda acid/psych aroma in this uniquely mindblowing blend of 'out' ash nav sounds. so why don't you open your wings and fly with us through bizarre sonic soundscapes?