Peeesseye ‎– Commuting Between The Surface & The Underworld (CD)

Peeesseye ‎– Commuting Between The Surface & The Underworld

Commuting Between the Surface & the Underworld continues Peeesseye’s pattern of ignoring virtually all patterns but those that spring forth from the swarm of earthquakes in their collective brain. Recorded following an unamplified tour of US noise venues with groups including Nautical Almanac, Life Partners, and Sharks With Wings, this record brings vocals, a more pronounced rhythmic pulse and piles of acoustic instruments to the foreground alongside the waves of electronic density that have characterized past releases. Guests on Commuting Between the Surface & the Underworld include three frequent collaborators of Peeesseye: Clare Cooper, the Australian harpist who adds pedal harp and guzheng (Chinese harp) to two tracks; trumpeter Nate Wooley, who adds brass on “Distant Mud;” and the reclusive conceptualist Shawn Edward Hansen, who provides additional percussion and vocals to two tracks. The resulting record is a perverse twist on spaced rock and post-noise ritual - mayhem in the mansion, shivers in the shack.

One of the most strangely unique releases of the year. - Marc Masters - The Wire 272

Aspects of Sun City Girls at their most spirit-devouring and venemous, with vocal trolls, folks curses and hypnotic acoustic spells blown apart by rude bursts of fuzz, almost NWW-style clank and some ear-clotting sine wave minimalism. - Volcanic Tongue

The disc perfectly conveys the group's uncanny knack for finding unclichéd and often disturbing paths to beauty. - Time Out NY