Daniel Menche - Invoker (CD album)

Active since 1993 Daniel Menche releases on Antifrost his new album titled SKADHA. The album title means "scathe" in old Norse and it contains five new tracks.
Daniel has a very raw approach to sounds and the tracks you can find on this CD are the evidence of his physical approach to music. The tracks are pure noise compacted into primitive pulses which could provoke a sort of love/hate effect on most of the audiences.
His performance as well as his recordings seems to be based most on the effect that on the meaning. Before his performances he checks the distance between the audience and the speakers just to be aware of the effect he can obtain on the listeners.
Listening to this CD trying to find an explanation or trying to enjoy these sounds could be the wrong approach. It seems that these tracks are there only because they had to be there and Daniel didn't made them with the intent of provoking. These are rough sounds of various nature and they are made because: "Music is like ones own blood - so amplify it! As loud as possible - make the speakers bleed!" Maurizio Pustianaz - CHAINDLK (IT)