Circuit Breaker – TV12

By the end of the week, we will have copies of Circuit Breaker’s new 12inch release on Manchester’s Tombed Visions Records. You can a have a quick listen and a bit of reading for now. (alternatively, if you are interested purchasing it, you can visit our website here) Circuit Breaker are an Industrial band, consisting
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Guy Harries & Yumi Hara Cawkwell: Sonic Rituals

Sound artists Yumi Hara Cawkwell and Guy Harries work as a duo, creating ‘sonic rituals’. Using voices, found objects, electronic processing, field recordings, and nonlinear synthesizers, the duo’s performances unfold through a process of improvisation. The structure of the performances, which is never premeditated, is inspired by the concept of ritual, imbued with intent and
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Brushed, Crushed and Earshots!

Earshots! Recordings is actually Earshots! (a series of concerts bringing together improvising musicians and sound artists, laying bare the sonic qualities of both our natural surroundings and sound making devices. Each concert will begin with the presentation of a field recording work or acousmatic composition. This will be followed by live performances from improvisers in
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theatre crowd

Prick Up Your Ears

September arrived and it is not gloomy or rainy (yet) but at least it is still one of the busiest months (or at least the first of the busiest months) regarding live events, gigs, perfomances and all that. Now, first on the list and that is tonight (Friday the 5th mind you), at Power Lunches,
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