Rudolf | Joke Lanz | GX J-Larsen | M Dando ‎–Wellenfeld CD

We have copies of the brilliant new cd from Fragment Factory, a live recording from the ‘Extreme Rituals – A Schimpfluch Carnival’ festival (2012 at Arnolfini, Bristol) with the performance of Rudolf, Joke Lanz, GX Jupitter-Larsen and Mike Dando…solely based on their brainwave activity. More infos and a bit of sound here



The grande finale of ‘Extreme Rituals – A Schimpfluch Carnival’ held at Arnolfini, Bristol UK on December 2nd 2012. 
In memory of Urs Schwaller. 

Four leading figures of the international Noise circus team up for a unique performance, solely based on their brainwave activity. Each performer is wearing a wireless electroencephalograph (EEG) headset. The EEG signals sent from the stage are received by sound­engineers, transformed from data into sound and processed to emerge through eight speakers surrounding the audience. The performance took place without prior tests or rehearsals. The performer develops and gains control over his own brainwave patterns during the performance, by listening to the sonic results of his mental activity. By changing electric impulses of the brain during meditative and ecstatic trance, the performer begins to sculpt the sound through the mind alone. 

4-panel digipak, edition of 300 copies