Brushed, Crushed and Earshots!

Earshots! Recordings is actually Earshots! (a series of concerts bringing together improvising musicians and sound artists, laying bare the sonic qualities of both our natural surroundings and sound making devices. Each concert will begin with the presentation of a field recording work or acousmatic composition. This will be followed by live performances from improvisers in duo or solo form, grouping players of similar types of instrument while exploring their differences) and Earshots! Recordings (a new label from London focusing on improvised music and beyond, where deep listening is involved. As the sounds themselves are shaped by real environment circumstances our releases should be as well; brushed ‘n’ crushed by the media they are engraved in).

Their first release, was a brilliant cassette from double-bass -player Guillaume Viltard, a live recording from Hundred Years Gallery in London last May (2013).  You can check it here at our website.

Now their second release is another cassette from London based improvised duo of Daniel Kordik (analogue synthesisers) and Edward Lucas (trombone) who have been playing as a regular duo for over two years. They have developed a musical rapport that concentrates at times on the common unconventional ground found between the two instruments, and at other times on their histories in jazz and electronic music.


So we couldn’t be more happy, stocking Earshots! new release. Up until you grab one, listen to some of the tracks here.