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Four new gems from entr’acte

Francisco Meirino/ILIOS Travaux CD (E181) Francisco Meirino Les oiseaux du lac Stymphale ILIOS L’Hydre de Lerne Composed entirely from field recordings made at Rue Sainte-Beuve in Lausanne, Switzerland, between 2012 and 2013. Andrew Pekler The Prepaid Piano & Replayed LP (E177) A—The Prepaid Piano Selections from the installation The Prepaid Piano, recorded 21–24 February 2013
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Rekem’s New LP very soon

The new vinyl from REKEM Records, a collectively-run label between Nicolas (Absurd, noise-below etc), Kostis Kilymis (himself and Organized Music From Thessaloniki), visual and sound artist Thalia Raftopoulou and Angel Lurie, the man behind the online blog is almost here and almost ready to reach your ears. A bit more of patience and it
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KIKS against the Noise

Two great new cassettes from Nottingham’s KIKS/GFR label, are now available from the shop. Really happy for that. First tape from our very good friend Paul Watson or BBBlood as he (used to) called his noise project and the second from Glasgow-based Lea Cummings (Kylie Minoise, Kovorox label). BBBLOOD – Moments – (C40) All new
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Urashima’s new LPs: Atrax Morgue + Slogun

Two new releases from italian noise/power electronics label, Urashima. Atrax Morgue – Collection in Formaldeide In 1994 the activity of the Slaughter Productions becomes more and more frantic, releasing countless tapes. In the same year, leaving four important works of Atrax Morgue on cassette, the first of which is ‘’Collection In Formaldeide’’. The tape, limited
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They hate their records…

…we dont   I Hate My Records is a small diy label from Manchester. They mainly release things on cassettes. After a couple of emails that we exchange, we received copies of their 2 latest’s releases, from Schwerpunkt and Small Joy, plus few from an older release from MASS (a Reykjavík-based project from Birmingham/UK of
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