Four new gems from entr’acte

Francisco Meirino/ILIOS
Travaux CD (E181)

Francisco Meirino
Les oiseaux du lac Stymphale
L’Hydre de Lerne

Composed entirely from field recordings made
at Rue Sainte-Beuve in Lausanne, Switzerland,
between 2012 and 2013.

Andrew Pekler
The Prepaid Piano & Replayed LP (E177)

A—The Prepaid Piano
Selections from the installation The Prepaid Piano,
recorded 21–24 February 2013 during the Unmenschliche
Musik/Inhuman Music exhibition at Haus Der Kulturen Der
Welt, Berlin.
Inside a grand piano, five mobile tele­phones rest directly
on the strings in five different areas of the piano sound-
board. Calling any one of the telephones activates its
vibration alarm, thereby directly ‘play­ing’ the strings on
which the phone happens to be lying…

Using the audio-to-MIDI function in Ableton Live software,
the Prepaid Piano recordings from side A are algorithmically
analysed and converted into MIDI notation. When applied to
the harmonically and rhythmically ambiguous Prepaid Piano
recordings, the audio-to-MIDI device’s inherent limitations
are magnified. The MIDI notation it generates under these
circumstances is effectively an original composition whic….

Alfredo Costa Monteiro
Insula CD (E174)

A multi-channel composition for electric organ,
commissioned by L’ull Cec for The Game of
Life Foundation
’s spatialisation sound system
(consisting of 192 speakers and 12 subwoofers,
using the Wave Field Synthesis technique).
Performed on 20 June 2012 at Fabra i Coats,
Barcelona. This recording is the stereo version.

Pouya Ehsaei
There LP (E172)

There, Pouya Ehsaei’s debut album,
processes samples of traditional Iranian
music to reveal the rage hidden beneath
its melancholia.

Pouya Ehsaei is an Iranian sound artist
currently residing in the UK.