KIKS against the Noise

Two great new cassettes from Nottingham’s KIKS/GFR label, are now available from the shop. Really happy for that. First tape from our very good friend Paul Watson or BBBlood as he (used to) called his noise project and the second from Glasgow-based Lea Cummings (Kylie Minoise, Kovorox label).

BBBLOOD – Moments – (C40)

All new works from Paul Watson. The jolly brewer presents 2 sides of subtle, intricate noise with a sound that is straying further into D.S. Mischgewebe territory with each passing day. Side A is persistent, Side B eclectic.

LEA CUMMINGS - Spectres (C40)

Lea has been producing some incredible drone works in recent years with some excellent and well produced final releases on his own Kovorox Sound label. This tape taps right into that core cosmic energy. Hypnotic and subtle with a final hint of late 80′s early 90′s drum power.