‘Machine flecked rasps’

Right, we might be a bit biased but who isn’t at the end of the day. Hideous Replica (and Wasted Capital since 2013 sublabel) is one of our favourite labels. The fact the is local (couldn’t be more local and Kentish Townish) and that Louie who runs it, is a very good friend of ours has nothing to do with that.

Here we have the latest release on Hideous (the professional half of Louie’s music trust, leaving Wasted Capital for small runs editions) a split album between Birgit Ulher (on trumpet, speakers etc) and Gregory Büttner (on computer).

For those of you that were in London last May , Birgit played at Hideous Porta 12 (a platform for live events Louie and Vasco, the Porta bit of the title, are running for a good part of a year now) a perfomance that was not too easy for  loads of ears in that room. But, for all of those that her sound had something to say, that was some sort of perfomance. The good thing was, that Louie was part of the latter gang and asked Birgit for some sort of release on his monikers. And here we are. A brilliant album by those two artists. A proper intense and structured audio lesson for all of us.

Wasted Capital has also a new cassette but we don’t wanna start about the north london treason of the artist, the  lack of respect to his local football history by supporting the wrong team (that came all the way down from south east london 100 years ago in our shores).