Mathieu Serruys – on Germaine Dulac LP

We finally received our copies of B.A.A.D.M.’s first release, Mathieu Serruys’s vinyl ‘on Germaine Dulac’. It looks and sounds absolutely great. Have a look at the video below or check a bit of more sounds on our website page, here

B.A.A.D.M. commissioned Serruys to revisit Germaine Dulac, female pioneer of the early experimental film. Loosely inspired by moods, scenes and sceneries of ‘La Coquille et le Clergyman’ (1928), Serruys creates a sound spectrum that reflects the bewildered states of mind that mark her avant-garde masterpiece.
Atmospheres range from fierce monumentality to delicate emotions, evoked by eroded textures and brittle two-tone melodies. Maltreatments of broken tape recorders, instable sound constructions and instant technical seizures mirror the shaken universe of distorted cinema.
‘On Germaine Dulac’ is the result of a surprising confrontation between disciplines and collocutors separated in time and space.