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Prick Up Your Ears

September arrived and it is not gloomy or rainy (yet) but at least it is still one of the busiest months (or at least the first of the busiest months) regarding live events, gigs, perfomances and all that.

Now, first on the list and that is tonight (Friday the 5th mind you), at Power Lunches, all these beautiful people will be there to play for us, at around 8pm with 6 pounds on the door:


If you need more infos, check somewhere on the right and you will find a page for each event alone.


On Saturday at 8pm as well, down at East London (well down depending on where you live), is going to be the Launch Party of the new Migro Records LP a collaboration of Guy Harries and Yumi Hara Cawkwell.  And that’s at Lo & Behold Studio, 2b Swanfield Street just off Bethnal Green Rd. It is a free event but you need to email and book a seat though. Seats were still available last night.

Yumi and Guy will be playing a ritual in sound, along with other very interesting acts: composer Michael Maierhof and the trio Panos Ghikas , Roger Redgate and Johannes von Weizsäcker.


And then on Wednesday again, back at Power Lunches at 8, another release event, this time from Earshots! Recordings where they will launch their new album (a Daniel Kordik / Edward Lucas cassette)


A night of two free improvising duos, one from Daniel Kordik and Edward Lucas of course and the other from Colin Webster and Graham Dunnings.


all events have their own page somewhere on the right