The Wonderful & Frightening World of…Fritz Welch

While we had Fritz here at the shop the other day and he treated us with a great performance, we also grab the chance to ask him to leave us some of his stuff for stocking them. Fritz an american artist, drummer, performer that lives in Scotland at the moment. He’s been part of various bands, projects, collaborations etc throught the years.


So, deep breath and we go:


was a trio of   Chris Forsyth, Fritz Welch and Jaime Fennelly. Since 2002 Peeesseyehas been combining elements of warped rock architecture, freejazz horror, intergalactic glossolalia and stripped down abstract expressionism. Their concerts and recordings travel through fields of fine decay and up against walls of bonechilling catharsis.



Wi77!N6 (that’s “Willing,” by the way), was a duo collaboration between Fritz Welch and guitarist Ian Christe in the late 90s-early 2000s around Brooklyn, New York area. The duo had only one tape released while the were active and then by 2007, Evolving Ear, decided to release a cd of some material that have been recorded back in 2000. The pleasure is all ours.


FvRTvR is Guido Henneböhl from Germany and Fritz Welch. FvRTvR is a two-body locus for demolecularized disco realized through meat shredding, science fiction improvisation. There are no beats here, however, just a relentless pyroclastic flow of robot voices gurgling indecipherable quips of the “baby, that volcano looks so good on you” variety.

Guido plays an electronic instrument of his own design. This devise appears to be trapped in the ancient mysteries of circuit bending but it is actually a dynamic oxygen filtration system. There are no longer actual animal bones contained in the main structure of the device but DNA is still detectable in its circuits.
Fritz manipulates vibrating surfaces such as drums and cymbals using sticks and objects. He has also devised a method for offsetting syllabic utterances with percussive concussion.

FvRTvR music is a keying of voice and instrument. It is an amalgam of planetary shifting and earthbound sentient attachment. It is composed in relation to a belief system which holds that there is a relationship between sonic phenomena and events in the human world.

With Lumps

With Lumps is the duo of Neil Davidson and Fritz Welch.
Named after a mishearing of the lyrics to Got to Have Loving by Don Ray, Lumps for Lovin’ is three parts studio recording from 2011 and one part live performance from Manchester 2012. Documenting the duo amidst collaborations with Helhesten, Maya Dunietz and Liene Rozite (Muris) the recordings presented here fuse thick blustering mayhem with a precision normally associated with micro house, adumbrated by just a hint of adolescent breathlessness. This surprisingly danceable record synthesizes noise and acoustic improvisation into a gurgling diaspora of juice.

+ Lambs Gamble/Eric Boros

Lastly, two more releases one with Eric Boros and the other with Eric Boros and George Cremaschi as Lambs Gamble.
Eric Boros & Fritz Welch – Lifestyle Choice Reimbursement CDr
Lambs Gamble ‎- Jazz Puke On The Presidential Dancefloor CDr

So, you can check Peeesseye’s stuff here, the Wi77!N6 cd here , the FvRTvR Gobi Wow LP here, the Lumps For Lovin cd here and the last two releases here.