They’ve come for our daughters…

LF Records is impossible to find editions of extreme noise, horror drone, digital scum, dirt jizz-skronk & field recording weirdness. Coming out of Bristol, UK

Right, when you open the shop and you have a parcel that you were not expecting, it is always a nice thing. Now, if that parcel is from one of the labels (and the people that run it) that you appreciate for what they are doing, the effort they put into it and their general stance, then the nice surprise is becaming a lot bigger. And not start with what was inside the parcel. Or actually we have to.

Watson/Sanders/Godwin – Metal Casket Variations (CDR)

Daddies, lock up yer daughters – three creatures have crawled from the bog and released their collective gutbags full of sado-electronics and occulted rituals in shimmering compact form. This is a three way split CDR from Ian Watson (Swefn), Kevin Sanders (Petals), Greg Godwin (dsic) – all sounds have been made with Ian’s Metal Casket for the Summoning of Ululated Maledictions feedback pedal in the chain – a custom invoked demon tomb, cracked open – blasted wide, cast asunder. Around 60 minutes of unmerry dirges and tectonic roar. Strictly limited, as you should only expect

So, we have Ian Watson, Kevin Sanders and Greg Godwin (who is behind the label). We also, we don’t have them on the cover but that is irrelevant.

Aut – Heterodoxies III (NO RHYTHM BLUES) (CDR)

End of Heterodoxies, no-wave electronics and troglodyte pulse structures. Give a caveman a rhythm machine and you gets what you pays for – slime dynamics.

Aut is one of Greg’s aliases. Heterodoxies was a series of cds, sounds, project etc. You missed the previous ones? You still have time for this one.

Hagman – Number Mask (CDR)

Number Mask is the first long player format from Hagman, the Leeds based pairing of Daniel Thomas and David Thomas (no relation) who have been aptly described by Rob Hayler (Radio Free Midwich) as “scene-leaders in crescendo management and deep, heavy electronics”. Number Mask sure fits the bill nicely – with molasses thick primitive synthesis and lysergic dronewerk. It’s a jerk of thump and pulse, power-electronics in the sense of hefty head-zone, minus panto fist-pumping antics. Number Mask is the mutant child of classic German analogue synth experiments and 90’s NZ free drone stylings – a dark and rich meat indeed. Fill your boots.

Heavyweight duo. Heavyweight album.

Club Sound Witches – Revolutionary Spray (cass)

Wowzers! 24th century technoid jams from Brisbane, Australia duo Club Sound Witches. Guys came to our intention through several bewildering CDR’s on the very fine Breakdance The Dawn label, gotta say I was instantly hooked to their otherworld vibes. ‘Revolutionary Spray’ is two sides of crude but clever electronic pulse and patter with minimal keyboard lines and whispered wraith-vox summoning’s. Deep funk inside the void with a queasy-rhythm dream soundtrack. This is an instant antidote to much of the machismo ‘noise-techno’ doing the rounds nowadays, will leave you nodding your head and shuffling your feet with none of the associated brain damage of the genre.

Club Sound Witches are Nicola Morton (Bad Intentions, Offerings) and Matt Earle (xNoBBQx, Breakdance The Dawn honcho). Limited cassette with troublingly unheimlich  cover-art. C40.

Okay, we didn’t know them but that’s the beauty of micro-labels. They take their chances, you learn…and everybody is wiser at the end of the day.

Various Artists – Computer Music (cass)

17 artist compilation cassette of modern computer composition documented on old-time magnetic tape. File under computer noise, drone, static, composition, weird, no ‘beatz’! Featuring Adam Denton, Anla Courtis, Astral Social Club, Autotistic, Clay Wilson, Dan Bennett, dsic, Ian Watson, Jeremy C. Baguyos, Martins Rokis, Maurice’s Hotel Death, Oliver Kohll, Phil Julian, Seth Cooke, Synek, The Zero Map, TX Ogre.

Bit older release, we thought was sold out. It is not. But it will be soon. Fantastic stuff.